Monday, November 19, 2012

                                                            Future Preference

   We had a unit on Challenges and opportunities in English class. So today my teacher asked the class a question, “What did [you] learn from this ELA unit that [you] can uses to make [you] a better person?” she asked.  This unit showed how you can overcome a challenge or how a challenge can overcome you. Through the various stories of challenges, I have remained unaffected. I suppose it’s because I can be rather stubborn, so stubborn some people consider me pompous. Because I am stubborn, my opinion on challenges remains constant.
   This unit does not make me a better person. It only gives me more of a perspective on different challenges. Somebody else’s challenges do not change anything for me. Only mine and mine alone change my state of opinion. So for future preference, to all of my teachers I remind you that no matter what, when facing a challenge people take a challenge on depending on their personality.

Monday, March 5, 2012

Two Tools

One tool is a word finder, which works on the article's. So if your looking for maybe an answer to a question. You could put in a  key word and it would highlight the word through out the article and tell you how many of that particular word is in that article.
   Ex: If you were researching the Beothuk Indians and you wanted to quickly read about their ancestors. Hit Ctrl and the letter F and put the word ancestor in, and go to the higlighted words. It should narrow it down, if it's a key workd.

Second Tool is the snipping tool, perfect of you want to show friends how work a certain website over line. Ex: Facebook.
You want to look up your friends profile, first sign in and follow these steps.
doesnt matter what it's on. Go to search
Second put in your friends name.
Push enter and cruise their profile.

Monday, January 30, 2012

It Took Me

It's sinister,
it's wrong.
I can feel it,
pounding in my head.

I can see it,
tainting me
where it's cold hands
envelope my heart.

I hear it,
It's voice soothing,
like thunder
in a storm.

I can sense it,
like judging eyes,
but not seen.

I can smell it,
like fear
on a child,
with nothing to hide.

And then,
it's there.
It's lips
to me.

takes another.
took me.


My website

I've been working on a website in computers class, it's all about me. Here's my website if you'd like to see it.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011


Wednesday, November 9, 2011

I'm Scared

    I'm standing in a time glass. The sand is flowing constantly, with no hesitation.  I'm scared, I don't know what's going to happen. What happens when all the sand hits bottom? Will I escape this glass prison or will I die here, gasping for air? My life could stop today. With the judge's final decisions. With every loss the sand flows even quicker, every gain it slows. Only when the final decision is made, is when I know. Do I move forward, standing taller and stronger then ever before or do I tumble backwards landing in my grave, marked with my name on a tombstone?  What will happen to me? When there's nowhere to run between insanity and confusion. What will happen to me?

Friday, October 21, 2011

Writing Prompt. My Day Dream

    This is my task. So are you ready, to travel into my mind of day dreams? Ready, set and tell.
   I was sitting in math class. Looking out the window, and before my eyes a scene unfolds. A bunch of hot guys were gathered outside the window. Then all of a sudden, my step father pops up. In his black trench coat, that seemed to slither around his body, as he crept around the "good looking" guys. They payed him no attention, as if he wasn't even there. He looked ominous, like a murderer lurking his victim. His gaze was attentive with group. He broke his gaze and locked eyes with me. His eyes glowed, his teeth barred and his hand casually slipped into his trench coat and he pulled out hand full of candy. He threw the candy in the air. For a minute I sighed with relief, untill I realized it was snowing out side. It wasn't Halloween. Why did he look like that? I looked again at my step father to see something shining in his hand as he stood over the brunet that was picking candy off the ground. I was going to scream run as I woke up abruptly to the sound of a bell. It had all just been my imagination.